Artist Statement

Photography has been a lifelong passion. As a young child, I received my first camera as a gift. Soon I realized there was a completely different way to look at the world focusing on what seemed important at least visually. As I have progressed through the years, I developed a sense of composition, light, color and texture. In more recent years, utilizing software to enhance my photographs has opened a whole new window on the world, one which permits the introduction of fantasy and imagination to the reality of conventional photography.

With my recent work, I attempt to create works resembling oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings printed on canvas (giclee). These photographs are enhanced to enrich the colors and expose contrasts found in them. The technique brings to life more traditional photographs, emphasizing the most interesting aspects of the scene.

A substantial portion of my work has been shot during international travel whether for work or pleasure. My favorite subject countries have been Spain, Germany and Italy. However, you will find pictures of other European countries, islands, Mexico and the USA.

Many of my works, especially the architectural and scenery pieces, are bereft of people. I personally enjoy the potential to explore a picture, imagining I am there by myself at a certain point in time. The absence of human subjects makes the scene almost timeless and enhances the metaphysical longing one experiences, like a voyager into the past. When including human subjects, my intention is to capture solemn or quiet contemplative moments or the energy of interactions.

I hope to convey to you the same sense of wonder and imagination I experience in creating these pieces. Enjoy!

Lawrence von Knorr